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Kohl’s Mission & Vision Statement In 2023

Kohl’s Mission & Vision Statement: Kohl’s mission is “to be a leading family-centric, value-oriented speciality department store that offers customers high-quality exclusive and national brand merchandise in a convenient, friendly, and exciting environment” (Dubey, 2013).

This mission demonstrates Kohl’s commitment to increasing the number of brands across the United States by focusing on product quality, customer shopping experience, and specific market niches.

For example, Duprey (2019) shows how Kohl’s employees assist customers with their purchases and enhance their shopping experience.

Kohls mission & vision statement
Mission & Vision Statement

Kohl’s has also recently transitioned from shopping malls to other more user-friendly independent stores.

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The Main Components Of Kohl’s Mission Statement Are As Follows

Here is the list of Kohl’s Mission Statement & Vision Statement components.

  1. Customer Shopping Experience.
  2. Production Of High-Quality Products.
  3. Niche.
  4. Core Values Of Kohl’s.

Customer Shopping Experience

The Customer Shopping Experience, the “… Convenient, friendly, and exciting environment” component, demonstrates Kohl’s focus on making customers happy.

Since 2015, Kohl Company has been providing its customers with a seamless omnichannel experience to its customers.

The company also focuses on improving information technology initiatives that enable a seamless omnichannel experience (Vault, 2019).

It has also invested in big data and analytics to enhance personalization and marketing strategies that improve customer satisfaction.

In addition, Kohl has partnered with Amazon to accept Amazon returns at select Kohl stores and has established Amazon Smart Home Experience Zones within its stores.

Production Of High Quality Products

The production of high-quality merchandise, which “provides high-quality limited edition and national brand products,” represents Kohl’s ability to offer unique, high-quality products to its target markets.

Cole Corporation provides a unique and broad range of products and services its customers choose.

Cole also strives to create unique spaces for each brand in its stores. Cole partners with exclusive brands to offer its customers world-class brands and products.

The company has exclusive licensing agreements with brands such as Nike, Lee, Adidas, Van Heusen, and Levi’s.

Companies can control production, manufacturing, and marketing costs and earn more profit margins (Dubey, 2013).


Niche, “to be the leading family-oriented company,” represents the target market for Kohl products;

Kohl’s offers a wide range of products under one roof to satisfy families. Kohl Corporation has a unique product line designed to enhance the customer shopping experience.

It accomplishes this by offering various products, including accessories, shoes, women’s, men’s, children’s, and housewares.

In addition, the company’s products are competitively priced, allowing almost anyone to access and purchase the latest trends and fashion styles.

Kohl’s marketing department also conducts extensive market research to gain insight into what consumers want and to build brand awareness.

Kohl’s mission is to be a leading family-centric, value-oriented, speciality department store offering our customers high-quality, limited edition and national brand merchandise in a convenient, friendly, and exciting environment.

Kohl’s To The Core Kohl’s strives to incorporate the core values that have long defined our mission in this industry in everything we do and are. We remain true to our past while looking to the future.

Core Values Of Kohl’s

Kohl’s mission is supported by the core values we require and encourage in all associates.

Results-oriented: Kohl’s seeks associates who deliver reliable, quality results, act with a sense of urgency, and demonstrate ownership in their areas of responsibility.

Team and Partnership Building: For Kohl’s to succeed and multiply, we need talented associates who enjoy working as a team. Communication is vital, in addition to recognizing the contributions of others and leveraging group expertise.

Preparation and Focus: Kohl’s seeks associates who prioritize, meet deadlines, and deliver solid results.

Informed Approach: Successful Kohl’s associates share information, make sound decisions, and make intelligent investments that benefit the healthy long-term.

Growth of self and others: We want our associates to grow as Kohl’s grows. Kohl’s associates will encourage the growth of others, provide practical feedback and coaching, and engage in continuous learning.

Integrity in Action: Integrity and high ethical standards are what Kohl’s values most. Kohl’s is a family, and associates respect themselves and each other.

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