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Does Kohl’s Take Amazon Returns?

Does Kohl’s Accept Amazon Returns?

Yes, Kohl’s does support Amazon returns. Select the item you wish to return and tap “Returns/Exchanges”. Then select “Kohl’s Drop-off” (this feature is only available if you return an eligible item).

However, remember a few things before returning an item to Kohl’s.

1. First, you will need a copy of your Amazon return label to return items to Kohl’s.

2. Next, you will need to present this label to a Kohl’s clerk to begin the return process

3. Lastly, remember that not all items can be returned.

Does Kohl’s Take Amazon Returns?
Does Kohl’s Take Amazon Returns?

How Do I Return Amazon Items To Kohl’s?

The process is straightforward if you must return an item to Kohl’s. All you need is an Amazon return label. You can create a return label by selecting “Order Details” and “Returns/Exchanges”.

Once you have the label, please take it to a Kohl’s store and present it to a Kohl’s associate. They will help you through the return process.

It is important to note that not all items can be returned at Kohl’s. For example, Amazon services such as Kindle and Fire TV Stick cannot be returned at Kohl’s.

Furthermore, items classified as hazardous materials (such as beauty products and cleaning supplies) can only be returned at select Kohl’s stores.

Returns at Kohl’s are subject to that store’s return policy. This means that you may be charged a restocking fee or refunded in the form of Kohl’s store credit.

Finally, note that not all Kohl’s stores accept Amazon returns.

Do I Need To Pre-Package My Return At Kohl’s?

Fortunately, you do not need to; you do not need to pre-pack your Amazon returns for Kohl’s. You only need to bring the item and a printout of the return label. The store will then pack the item and send it back to Amazon.

This is an excellent service Kohl offers because it makes returns so easy. You do not have to worry about packing or taking the item to the post office.

Does Any Kohl’s Outlet Accept Amazon Returns?

At this time, not all Kohl’s outlets support Amazon returns. Almost all Kohl’s stores offer a return process except for the Alaska and Anchorage areas.

However, the company is working to expand this service to all of its stores. So even if your local Kohl’s does not currently accept Amazon returns, it may do so.

Until then, you can check Kohl’s website to see if your local store accepts Amazon returns.

How Much Does It Cost To Return Amazon Items At Kohl’s?

The good news is that you do not have to pay additional fees when returning Amazon items at Kohl’s.

The entire process is free if you have a copy of your Amazon return label. Bring the item and label to any Kohl’s store (except Alaska and Anchorage), and the store will handle the rest.

If you ever need to return an Amazon item, bring it to Kohl’s.

Can I Return An Amazon Purchase To Kohl’s?

You can return most items with an Amazon return label. However, only some items can be returned; Amazon will notify you before you purchase an item whether or not it cannot be returned to Kohl.

You can return an Amazon gift card at Kohl’s, but only for the card’s value, not the purchase price. In other words, if you purchase a $100 gift card and use it to purchase $120 worth of jeans, you will only get a $100 Kohl’s gift card. The same is true for other types of Amazon gift cards.

Remember that Amazon digital products like e-books and apps cannot be returned to Kohl’s. Also, Amazon services such as Kindle and Fire TV Stick cannot be returned.

Items to be returned must be purchased directly from Amazon, not from a third-party seller in the Amazon Marketplace. If you purchased from a third-party seller, you must return the item through that seller, not Amazon.

Can I Return An Amazon Item That Has Been Opened?

You may return opened Amazon packages to Kohl’s with a few exceptions. It depends on the reason for the return and the type of product. The most common reasons include

Missing or damaged parts

  • Purchased by mistake.
  • The website description is inaccurate.
  • The wrong item was sent.
  • The item arrived too late.
  • Item was defective or did not work.
  • I found a better price.
  • I received an item I did not purchase.
  • The merchandise and shipping box were damaged.
  • I did not authorize the purchase.

You may return defective or damaged merchandise, even if you have opened the package. The same goes for items received by mistake or items that are not as described on the site.

If you change your mind or do not like the product, you can return it as long as it is unopened. However, if the item has been opened, you may be charged a restocking fee or refunded with a Kohl’s gift card.

Generally, it is best to return items in their original condition. Doing so will increase your chances of receiving a full refund.

Can I Return My Amazon Prime Package?

Yes, Amazon Prime packages can be returned to Kohl’s. You only need to bring the item and a printout of the Amazon return label. There is no additional charge.

Just keep in mind that your Prime order was sold directly from Amazon.

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